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18-19 Illinois State Board of Education 5Essentials Survey
Wed, Oct 24, 2018 7:39 AM
2018-19 Illinois State Board of Education 5Essentials Survey

Ottawa Township High School District #140 will join with the Illinois State Board of Education in the seventh statewide survey of school climate and learning conditions. The survey provides a unique opportunity for students, teachers and parents to have a voice in improving their schools. From November 15 through January 15, students and teachers will be asked to take a 25 -minute research-based survey to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their school’s learning environment. The parent survey supplement will be administered from October 23 through January 15. These surveys will serve as an opportunity for schools to reflect on progress since the last statewide implementation.

The parent survey can be completed by parents, guardians, or other caregivers with a child in grades prekindergarten through 12. The parent survey is available in English and Spanish and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. If parents have more than one (1) child that attends the same school, they may elect to participate multiple times. For parents with children enrolled in multiple schools, we recommend that they participate in the survey for each school. Only one parent per household may participate in the survey.

Note: Parents have the option to leave their email address so that we can send them confirmation of survey completion upon submission of the parent survey supplement. That text box can be left blank if the parent does not want to provide or have an email address.