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Fri, Feb 23, 2018 10:08 AM

Dear OTHS Learning Community Members,

Given what has gone on since the start of the calendar year, in terms of school violence, I wanted to share with you, members of the OTHS learning community, what we have in place at OTHS regarding school safety.  School safety measures include, but are not limited to, the following:

-A school resource police officer who is permanently stationed at the high school during each student attendance day of the school year.
-Safety/Emergency Plans (Fire, Tornado and Lockdown) that are reviewed annually with the Ottawa Police and Fire Departments.
-Safety/Emergency Plans (Fire, Tornado and Lockdown) that are practiced with the students and staff members multiple times throughout the school year.
-Access control guidelines for entry into the building during each student attendance day are utilized. All points of entry into OTHS are locked during the school day. Our greeter must unlock the main entrance door or the door located on the northwest corner of the main building via a video monitoring system for all individuals entering the building throughout each school day. Visitors are required to sign-in at the greeter’s desk and are provided a visitor badge that must displayed while they are in the building.
-Numerous surveillance cameras are located throughout the interior and exterior of the campus.
-All OTHS administrators, directors, maintenance personnel, custodians, hall monitors and the school nurse have radios for immediate and direct communication with one another during the school day. Administrators, directors and our school nurse have the ability to communicate immediately, using their radios, with our school resource officer and Ottawa Emergency (Police/Fire) Dispatch.
-All classrooms have phones so staff members can communicate directly with the Room 201, which houses our assistant principal and deans. The phones can also be used to directly call 911 in case of an emergency.

We encourage all members of the school community to support the “See Something, Say Something” movement.  This can be done by immediately reporting any threats of harm to District officials by emailing us at or by calling (815) 433-1323, extension 2481, 2410, 3308 or 3352. The District hopes that together we can proactively work to prevent violence and to keep our school safe for all students, staff members and visitors.


Michael Cushing, Superintendent Ottawa Township High School